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Don’t Do This:

  • Don’t bore people.

  • Don’t talk about your company instead of your customer.

  • Don’t entertain yet fail to grow your business.

  • Don’t accept lousy technical quality due to shoddy gear or sloppy technique.

Do This Instead:

  • Create videos that people want to watch, even if it’s harder.

  • Scratch the itch of your viewers.

  • Have a strategy to guide each of your productions and increase profits.

  • Make it look good without busting your budget.

Looking for our Sunpop website where you can work with us in Austin to produce a video?

So You Want To Make Video?

We get it. Video is all the rage right now and your company wants in on the action. It’s tempting to grab the nearest smart phone and rush something onto YouTube.

But you won’t get results through sheer luck and good intentions, let alone become a viral sensation. Unless you have a kitten that can play the violin, it takes effort.

Who We’re Focused On:

We’re primarily here to help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. It’s what we know best, and there are surprisingly few resources for them.

We’re tired of seeing ridiculously bad corporate videos. Too many companies are trying (and failing) to jump on the video bandwagon. We’re sharing our expertise on what works in business video, and teaching you how to get from here to there.

How We Make Money:

We’re giving away the knowledge we earned over the years absolutely free of charge. We know that if it’s valuable enough and it helps you, many of you will share it with friends. Ultimately, most of you will watch the free training videos, apply them to your productions, and never pay us a dime. That’s according to plan.

But some small percentage of you will want additional help. You’ll see that you could spend a little money and save yourselves a lot of time as you put together your studio equipment. That’s where our Studio in a Box comes in. It’s our turnkey answer to the question “Well what video gear should we be using?”. We send you the solution along with some more helpful training videos so you’re up and running in as little time as possible.

And finally, for a select few of you, we’ll actively work together on your video productions. That’s the optional monthly service available to Studio in a Box users. We essentially become your on-demand video production department. We direct your studio shoots and transfer video footage over the internet. So our experienced team actually produces and edits your videos month after month.

So don’t feel bad if you never pay us anything. If 2% of you buy a studio and 1% of you partner with us for monthly service, we’re doing just fine.

How We Got Here:

We started as a production company called Sunpop Studios back in 2000. We recorded thousands of non-actors over the years – businesses of every shape and size. Past productions include a Nobel Prize winner, starving artists, rock-stars, charities, models, kids, national TV and print journalists, best-selling authors, and real professionals from scores of industries.

Most of our clients had to leave their company for a couple days and fly to Austin to work with us. They could have teamed up with a local video company, but we were doing something very different from the local guys. We developed our own unique equipment and processes to direct unscripted conversations. This led to videos with incomparable conversaion rates.

Our secret? Effective marketing starts with 2 main ingredients. Relevance and authenticity. When you truly have something valuable to offer, and present it in a credible way that people trust, you get results. Everytime